It’s better to give back.

It’s hard to raise money. But it doesn’t have to be. We’re re-imagining sponsorship & fundraising so that #everyonewins

Guilt-free Giving 

You’re a good person and you don’t need to be guilt-tripped into giving. Re-claim the joy of doing good with a smarter way to support!

Fuss-free Fundraising

Spend more time and money on what matters, and less on fundraising, by building a low-touch recurring revenue stream.

Sponsorship that Scales

De-risk your sponsorship strategy and find the people you want to reach with your sales & marketing activity.


A better way to fundraise.

Fundraising is tricky. So is knowing how and who to support. We want to build a community of super generous people, businesses and fundraising groups that works for everyone.

Everyone Saves Time

If you’ve ever tried to raise money, you know how time consuming it is. Whether it’s standing outside mid-winter cooking sausages, or door-knocking trying to coax your neighbours into a chocolate fix, fundraising takes up too much time – both for fundraisers and the people who donate.

Spend Wisely

 100% of your membership fee goes directly to your club, school or cause, AND that gives you access to awesome perks and amazing savings at businesses in your local area. It also means better ROI on advertising for businesses  which means more more money to give back!

Everyone Saves Money

Fanclub is designed to make sure everyone can participate for free. Businesses by offering up something of value to the community, that also helps them grow their business, individuals who are willing to donate their attention to their favourite cause by signing up to receive special offers by email 

Show your Support

Being part of a community can make a big difference to our mental & physical wellbeing – and it can also be overwhelming to get asked for money all the time – this is an easy way to show your support, without breaking the bank!

Why Fanclub?

More money for what matters.

In the age of digital marketing, influencers, traditional media, conscious consumerism and big-ticket sponsorships, the challenges are only growing…


Figuring out how to find customers, how to create loyalty and repeat business and how to put the right messages in front of the right people at the right time, is harder than ever as the marketplace gets more cluttered, confusing and overwhelming.

Combining corporate social responsibility with great marketing outcomes, and using that advertising power to fundraise for good causes, we solve the major challenges for marketers trying to find customers to grow their business, and allow fundraisers to create value for their supporters instead.

More money for what matters isn’t just about saving people money, increasing cash for good causes, or improving ROI for businesses, its about all three, working in harmony so that #everyonewins.


No time like the present

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