Together, we can help.

Together, we can come back stronger than ever.

Donate your attention

Fanclub wants to help kiwi fundraisers, and kiwi businesses get back on their feet, but to do that, we need your help!

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Donate your Attention

We all feel a little helpless. But you already have something valuable to offer, something really valuable. Your attention.

Together we can

Now is not the time for us to be asking anyone for money. Lets face it, we could all do with saving a little money right now!

Support Local

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy -this is a way for businesses to reward their customers while conserving cash.

It's free!

It costs you nothing. Just open the email. That's it. No minimum spend. No pressure. And it's free for them too so they can afford to be generous.

Actually SAVE money

When we get back out there, it's still going to be a tough time for many of us. Lock in a great deal while helping the economy get back to business.

Share the Love

Know a business in your community that's suffering? Or have a friend that loves a great deal? Invite them to join the club!

Your attention is valuable!

The advertising industry in New Zealand is selling your attention every day. From bus stops and billboards, to the gaps between your favourite TV show, and in your newsfeed on social media.

Fanclub wants to put the power of your attention, back in your hands - and put that money to good use!

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NZ Ad Spend

150 m+

Sponsorship dollars

560 b+

Global Ad Spend

Promote your Business for Free!

We're building up our community of awesomely generous businesses so if there's somewhere you love to shop and want to see them here, send us their details!

Why is it free?

It won’t be forever, but for now, this is what we can do together to recover from COVID19, and in the spirit of #everyonewins, right now, we think that’s just the right thing to do.

All your Favourite Things

Discover the best things to do in your area. Restaurants, shopping, wellness, cafes... there is so much to explore!

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Fundraising is hard.

Much harder than it should be. People carry less cash. Businesses are straining under the sheer volume of requests for support. But what can we do?

The rise of better business

Consumers in 2020 are clever.
They expect a lot from businesses, to not just do business responsibly in whatever the business actually does, but to cast the net wider and contribute to their local community in general.

It’s not your data they want…

There has been a whole lot of talk recently about our personal data and how it’s being used, sold or traded by big companies. Is it really as scary as it sounds?