Your attention is worth something. It’s valuable, and not just because you’re great – its worth real actual dollars.

  • Businesses in New Zealand spent in excess of $6 billion dollars last year, trying to capture the attention of their customers.
  • Those same customers donated more than $1.5 billion, and spent more than $7.6 billion in cafes and restaurants, & bars and clubs.
  • The average New Zealander spends $22,000 with retailers every year – $92 billion in total.
  • Fundraisers are spending between 25 and 75 cents on the dollar on fundraising activity – and with a giving sector worth $17 billion, conservatively that means they are spending $4.25billion on raising more money each year, which is money that can’t be spent helping people.

As you can see, businesses all over the world spend billions in advertising trying to get your attention, and with Fanclub, we’ve designed a way for advertising dollars to go to the things you care about the most. Whether that’s a local sports team, or your favourite charity, you can donate your attention to things you love, and access costs you nothing except your email address.

Why join Fanclub?

  • You use your attention to support the causes, clubs and community programmes that you care about
  • You have access to a wide range of special offers, discounts and loyalty benefits from local businesses
  • You can choose to support the businesses that support the things you love

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