A better way to give back.

Fanclub is a fundraising eco-system that reduces costs for fundraisers, provides smarter marketing for businesses, and saves supporters money.

Bottom line, #everyonewins


Raising money can be tricky.

Fundraising is hard. Much harder than it should be.

People carry less cash. Businesses are straining under the sheer volume of requests for support. The number of charities in New Zealand has grown by more than 30% since 2012. It’s getting more difficult to get grants, and our volunteers are more time poor than ever.

The crazy part? Fundraising is also expensive! Most of the current options available require up front cash, heavy investment of volunteer hours or high costs for labour, and they don’t provide an ongoing return.

Fundraisers are spending between 25 and 75 cents on the dollar on fundraising activity – and with a giving sector worth $17 billion in New Zealand, conservatively that means $4.25 billion is spent on raising more money each year.

We believe the strength of our communities has the power to support the things we care about – whether that be the local rugby club, a charity that means a lot to you – with Fanclub, like the Robin Hood of charitable giving, we’re sourcing money from where it is abundant, and giving it to the places that need it most… but in a way that everyone comes out a winner!