A better way to give back

Fanclub is a digital membership that rewards you for doing good. When you join Fanclub, you get access to exclusive perks from local businesses, and 100% of your membership fee is donated to your favourite charity. You save money, fundraisers get cash and businesses find new customers. #everyonewins.

Donate your attention

We are bombarded with over 5,000 marketing messages every day.

That’s not just overwhelming for us, but it makes it really hard for businesses and fundraisers to get heard.

Cut through the noise and join the club that gives you rewards for giving back. 100% of your membership fee goes to your favourite cause, and we make money by giving businesses the chance to send you marketing emails.

Please note: For a limited time, Fanclub is free for everyone. We think in the wake of the COVID19 crisis, it’s important to do what we can to support local businesses. This is our bit.

Save Money

Businesses usually use advertising to share their products and services with potential customers but for a little while, cash is going to be in short supply.

Better Together

Together, we can help. By donating our attention, and agreeing to receive marketing messages to our inbox, we can contribute to their recovery - because they get to advertise for free!

Support Local

We all want to make sure our favourite local businesses recover quickly. You can do your bit just by sharing your email address & you'll get great deals right in your inbox.

Ready to get started?

Fanclub wants to help kiwi businesses get back on their feet, offering free advertising – but that’s only going to help if people see it!
Sign up to donate your attention, and we’ll allow businesses to advertise to you for free – all they have to do is offer you a great deal or special discount – #everyonewins