Sponsorship re-imagined.

Attract customers, and improve loyalty, Fanclub gives you a better way to grow your business, and support your local community, for free.

A better way to give back.

We know how it is. We’ve been there. Sponsorship is tough. You want to do what you can, but you have a business to run. Everyone has a ‘next big thing’ to ‘totally revolutionise your sales’ – but you won’t pay a cent until you can see that it works!

A great way to grow.

Businesses in New Zealand spend in excess of $6 billion dollars each year, trying to capture the attention of their customers, and all of that money goes to other businesses. We think it’s time to try something different.

Better Returns

Attract new customers without having to use loss-leaders and heavy discounts .

Create Loyalty

Encourage repeat business with specially designed deals that keep customers coming back.

Capture Attention

Target your messages to an audience that’s actively engaged, and keen to hear from you.

Give back

Feel good about your place in the community by using your advertising spend for good.

We’ll do the heavy lifting.

We can help you design the type of offer that will be both fantastic for your business, and bring customers in like bee’s to a honeypot. We can take of the artwork, the copy – everything you need.

How it works


 Design a perk, a VIP offer for Fanclub members, and we’ll promote it to our network of supporters. They pay a monthly membership fee, which is donated to their favourite cause, club or school.


Why it works

Traditional sponsorship is based on trading the attention of supporters in exchange for cash. When people look, they also see your brand, and hopefully, that results in sales for you.

But it’s limited:

  • Hard to track – how can you know it’s working?
  • Cash outlay upfront – an expensive guess!
  • High maintenance – it only works if you do!

We designed Fanclub to fix exactly those things

No time like the present

Keen to give it a try?

Let’s get started!