A better way to fundraise.

Turn your supporters into subscribers, and never worry about fundraising again. Fanclub helps you harness the power of your supporters to create recurring revenue, for free.

Give back 

We know you know you have the best supporters around – we also know its tough to have to keep going back to them asking for cash to keep going. 

Fuss-free Fundraising

You’ve always wanted to put more time and energy into what matters, but know you need to fundraise. By building a low-touch recurring revenue stream, you can do both.

Sponsorship that Scales

You want sponsors that believe in what you do, that are excited to be a part of it, and that get great value from their relationship with you – which takes time… but does it have to? 

A better way to raise money.

Fundraising is tough, and it takes up much more of your precious time and cash resources than it should. You should be free to focus on what you do best, not becoming a professional fundraiser! What if you could save time and money by leveraging the support of your community, and reward them in the process? We think it could be a game changer.

A great way to grow.

Businesses in New Zealand spend in excess of $6 billion dollars each year, trying to capture the attention of their customers, and all of that money goes to other businesses. We think it’s time to try something different.

Better ROI

Spending hours, weeks, months planning fundraising events and programmes that may not offer a return at all!  .

Save Money

Average cost of fundraising is 25-75c of every $1. We think it’d be better if it was, you know, free.

Save Time

Focus your energy on what you do best, not filling out grant applications and tracking down sponsors

Give back

Reward your valuable supporters for their loyalty, without it costing the earth.

We’ll do the heavy lifting.

We can help you design the type of offer that will reward your supporters, and we’ll track down and engage the businesses in your local area to make it work. We can take of the artwork, the copy – everything you need.

How it works


 Design a perk, a VIP offer for your Fanclub members, and we’ll package it up with perks from businesses in your local area. For access, they’ll pay a monthly membership fee, which is donated, 100%, to you.


Why it works

Traditional sponsorship is based on trading the attention of supporters in exchange for cash. When people support you, they will also see your sponsors brand, and hopefully, that will result in sales for them.

But it’s limited:

  • Hard to track – how can you know it’s working?
  • Cash outlay upfront – an expensive guess!
  • High maintenance – it only works if you do!

We designed Fanclub to fix exactly those things

No time like the present

Keen to give it a try?

Let’s get started!