It feels good to give.

We’re looking for generous kiwis that love to get behind a good cause, to try out a better way to give back – you just donate your attention. 

Feel Good Factor

We’re all connected to each other & the joy of giving is a real thing. It feels good to do good. And its good for you!

Rewarding Loyalty

The real kind. Where customers, causes and corporates all look after each other, because we value the same things.

Smarter Savings

Seriously though, in the age of vouchers and 50% off, one time only deals it’s hard to get real value. This is different.

A better way to save money.

We’re going for a different kind of discount, a better kind of perk than what you might be used to. They’ll all be designed to make you feel like a VIP, and mean the business is super excited to have you there – not rolling their eyes at another discount voucher.

How can you help?

By tapping into the core needs of three seperate groups, and re-imagining how they exchange value, we’re building a community of super generous people, businesses and fundraisers, where #everyonewins.


Fanclub is a better way to give back to your favourite causes. You sign up using your email address and we’ll email you special offers and discounts, paid for by local businesses who support the same causes you do. 



You can also choose a VIP membership where you’ll get extra special treatment from both the cause and local businesses, and 100% of what you pay is passed on to club, school or charity you chose to support.

How it works


You sign up to receive an email newsletter of special offers from businesses in your local community. They’ve paid for the opportunity to get your attention, so we’ll share that cash with your chosen cause. If you choose to buy a VIP membership, to get access to exclusive VIP perks from businesses in your local area and 100% of what you pay will be passed on to them, just like a direct donation would be.